A Competitive Advantage – Our Services

We at Infinity Group, MI consistently provide qualified, reliable and professional associates to businesses representing the manufacturing and professional fields. We understand the partnership required to provide innovative solutions, and supply a cost effective approach to increasing productivity without hiring and training new employees.

Comprehensive Services

We are not just a provider of temporary workers. Rather, we are a strategic and flexible staffing partner. We offer a single source for all your business needs:

  • Assembly

  • Clerical

  • Design

  • General Labor

  • Quality Inspectors

  • Skilled Trade

  • Truck Drivers

  • Warehouse

  • Hi-Lo Drivers

  • IT

  • Inventory

  • Maintenance

Computerized Skilled Assessments

We supplement our comprehensive recruiting and interviewing methods with a fully integrated computerized suite designed to instantly match a quantifiable assessment of skills levels with each and every candidate. Our application and screening process is one of the most comprehensive within the industry.

Insured Quality

Our skill assessment process tests all potential candidates in fully a functional software environment. This approach measures a wide range of proficiencies and specialized skills required in todays work environment. The resulting scores aid Infinity Group identify raw talent as we conduct the pre-employment screening process, ensuring the best candidates are selected.

A Reputation of Service

Ask our clients why they choose Infinity Group and they will say it’s our people and their commitment to our customer service. We believe service is our most important core value. There is always a need for quality and service. We provide full range of Human Resource Management solutions.

  • 24/7 Service to Meet Your Staffing Needs

  • Direct Hiring Services

  • Leasing & Contract Employees

  • On-Premise Management Service

  • Performance-Ready

  • Temporary Employees