Sorting Person - Wixom

Sorting -Wixom (S)

Sorting Person
Pay: $10.00 an hr up to a possible $11.90 an hr per jobs. Shifts available: 1st 7am 3:30 or 4:30p, 2nd 3p-11:30p, 3rd 11p-7:30a Swing shift 7p-3:30am or until job is finished.
5 days a week with a possibility for overtime.

Job Description:
To sort plastic bottles (greens from clear from browns) cans and glass
The cans / bottles come down the conveyor belt, they are to be sorted to the proper line.
Hi/Lo positions are available which would require you to load and unload Semi trucks.
Switch Truck Driver position available which requires you to switch the truck beds all shift load and unload the trucks.

Steel Toed Boots
Safety Glasses
T-shirt / Sweat Shirt
Open Availability

Side notes:
Must be physically fit to lift up to a max of 50 lbs throughout the day.
Must be able to stand for long periods of time.
Must not get motion sickness when staring at the conveyor belts.
Summer heat is a factor in how hot it gets in the building.