Packaging - Flint

Packaging - Flint (AS.I.P)

Pay: $8.90-9.50$ an hr

Shifts available: 1st only (10 hrs) 4 days a week 6am to 4:30pm

Job Description:
Packaging, blend, fill, cap, heat induction seal, batch stamp, label, carton and palletize also blister pack filled containers, Liquid Packaging and Chemical Specialties, Paints , Solvents

Tennis shoes
Safety glasses
On site safety equipment is also required per job

Side notes:
Stand For long Periods of time
Not suitable for asthmatics
Not suitable for people with a fear of small confined spaces (claustrophobia)
Very fast paced

Summer heat is a factor in how hot it gets in the building.

They pay $8.90 for your 1st 2 weeks if you catch on pay goes to $9.00 on your 3rd week , 4th week $9.50 etc until you are up to 10$ hr