Industrial Sales Person - Flint

Flint - Industrial Sales (R. E.)

Industrial Sales Person

Pay $400 a week 5% commission after 30 days and 32 cents per mile for Mileage
Shifts Available: 1st shift 6am-5p M-F

Job Description:
Electric Machine Company is a well-established, 90+ year old electric motor sales & Service Company based in Flint, Ml. We are seeking an outside sales representative. The ideal candidate will have experience contacting purchasing, engineering and/or plant maintenance personnel in and around the southeast Michigan area. Our primary products are electric motors and drives, ranging in sizes up to lOOOHP. Experience selling these products or their related repair services is preferred, however experience with other related industrial products (pumps, valves, bearings etc.) will be considered A sound understanding of the applications where these types of products are used will be most helpful.

Job Summary:
Get to know each customer “thoroughly” Have a comprehensive knowledge of the benefits of company services and products. Sell services and products in an amount commensurate with the potential of the account/territory, devote the time and effort necessary to be a success. Operate efficiently and effectively with a minimum of close supervision. Develop and maintain self-confidence and a positive attitude towards the company and its customers.
Work Performed:
Plan sales Work on a long-term basis by setting a yearly quota of calls to make on each account that is proportional to the potential of the account.
Begin Work every Monday morning by preparing a list of sales calls to make each day of that week.
Plan calls geographically to minimize the unproductive time spent on driving.
Actively sell services and products using specific, well thought out presentations.
Enhance the effectiveness of sales calls by always bringing a supply of current samples, promotional pieces, advertising material, etc.
Make use of factory and/or company demonstration equipment as often as possible, with or without the support of factory representatives.
Do as much active selling and make as many customer contacts as possible between 8:00 am. And 4:30 p. m. on weekdays.
Save correspondence and other activities for other times.
Follow up on assigned sales leads promptly.
Be active and positive in selling the company’s complete line of products and services at published levels, any price deviations, if required, must have prior approval of the sales manager or owner/general manager.
Keep personal customer account information up-to-date. Make sure names and addresses are accurate. Promptly investigate and resolve customer complaints to the best of your ability a Company policy dictates prompt and complete satisfaction to the customer in every ease where the complaint is legitimate and justified.
Keep accurate records of travel, mileage and sales-related expenses. Profitability improves when expenses are kept at reasonable levels.
Follow-up on all written quotations to show customers that the company values their business. Understand all company sales and credit policies and procedures fully.
Develop a comprehensive knowledge of each service, product and application in order to recognize quickly which ones can benefit each customer.
Be prompt, attentive, and participate in a positive manner.
Gain a working knowledge of competing products and companies. It is not enough to simply know your
Learn as much as possible about every customer-e.g., their specialties, their needs, their personnel and organizational structure, their financial position, etc.
Analyze the sales picture of your territory frequently, using sales summaries that are provided. Review results monthly to determine relative status and adjust sales activities accordingly.
Maintain a clean & neat appearance on all sales calls; take reasonable precautions to insure good health; and maintain standards that customers and suppliers will respect.

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