CNC Manual and Engine Lathe - Swartz Creek

Swartz Creek - CNC Manual and Engine Lathe (T.T.S)

CNC Lathe and Mill (Manual) Person

Pay $12.50-$17.00 an hr depending on Experience
Shifts Available: 1st shift 6am-5p M-T Fridays 6a-4pm Occ. Sat 6a-12p
5 days a week with a possibility for overtime

Job Description:
Working with Cnc Mills and Lathes, Some may be manual and some may be automatic.
• Must be able to understand existing CNC programs and create new ones for newly developed products.
• Upload / Download programs, set up Datums and tool offsets and operate the machine until batch
• Monitor tool wear, adjust offsets and replace inserts when necessary, ensuring correct operation of the
• Must be time served and be able to produce components accurate to drawing.
• Ensure all work, tasks, procedures and documentation meet the requirements.
• Ensure paperwork is complete in an accurate and timely manner.

sweatshirt / t-shirt
Tennis shoes

Side notes:
Stand For long Periods of time

Must have at least 3-4 years Experience to apply for these open positions and Have a flexible schedule.